Unitechno Inc., since its foundation in 1988, has been providing semiconductor package materials for many customers throughout the world. During the past decade, the company conducted a series of R&D studies on advanced technologies related to semiconductor assembly materials and function test tools. Our products, based on those studies, have been highly qualified among leading customers in semiconductor industry. We always keep a close eye on the industrial trends of semiconductor package and catch future demands to satisfy customer's requirements in timely manner. Based on this foreseeing attitude, we make every effort to establish a trust among customers by offering advanced technologies. Your satisfaction is our pride.
CEO, Shinichi Nakamura


  • Unitechno Inc. was founded Oct. 1988 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • April 1991, a liaison office was opened in Singapore.
  • September 1991, Unitechno Singapore Pte Ltd. was founded in Singapore.
  • July 1993, a liaison office was opened in Malaysia.January 1994, a liaison office was opened in Hong Kong.
  • December 1994, Head office was relocated to Shibaura Minato-ku Tokyo in Japan.
  • November 1995, Kansai Sales office was opened in Osaka, Japan.
  • February 2002, Unitechno USA, Inc. was founded in Massachusetts, USA.
  • September 2002, Head office of Unitechno USA, Inc was relocated to Cupertino CA, USA.
  • April 2010, Head office of Unitechno USA, Inc was relocated to Hercules CA, USA.
HQ Building in Tokyo, Japan